Cassida 6600 UV/MG currency counter with ValuCount

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Prod. Code: 1044-B-6600UM

A feature-packed high speed currency counter, The Cassida 6600 is a professional currency counter designed to tackle a wide variety of counting jobs, Fast, accurate, and equipped with a host of smart features, it is a reliable all-around performer, Value calculation and more, ValuCount uses the denomination selected by the user to calculate the dollar value of the count, By activating ValuCount in the add mode, users can count different denominations while keeping track of the total value, Of course, the Cassida 6600 also offers add, count, batch, and add batch modes, making it the perfect choice when all-around performance is a requirement, Half, double and chain note detection, Infrared sensors are able to spot a wide range of bill discrepancies, including half, double, and chain notes, The 6600 will stop the count, alert the user with beep, and display the error type on its screen, Counterfeit detection, Ultraviolet (UV and UVMG models), and magnetic sensors (UVMG model) are abl
  • Counts 1,400 billsmin. Rugged, heavy-duty construction.
  • Large, top-loading hopper holds 400 bills (new).
  • Authenticates bills using ultraviolet (6600 UV) and magnetic (6600 UVMG) sensors.
  • Infrared sensors detect chain, double, and half notes, as well as variations in note size.
  • Batch presets plus programmable 1-999. Warranty 1 year full parts and labor warranty.