Medical Alert Services

Personal Emergency Wellness Services

In our effort to be kind to our environment, we have created and complied basic information regarding our Medical Alert Services and Home Network Camera monitoring services,  "click on" the movie files below.   We hope that these quick-minute presentations will introduce you to some of  the personal emergency products and services we provide.   Call to learn more about our network video cameras and monitoring services  selected for residential applications, easy to operate, access conveniently through our on-line network access, or via your mobile device. 

To order more general information about medical alert products request AARP publication ADN D12905.  Write to:  AARP Fulfillment, 1909 K Street NW, Washington, DC, 20049


WELLNESS CALLS:  "Check -in with you" Service 


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USA Personal Emergency Medical Alert Service

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Camera Monitoring Business/Residential

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