Fx511 Automobile Fire Extinguisher, 5 B:c, 100psi, 14.5h X 3.25 Dia, 2lb

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Prod. Code: KID21006287N

Better safe than sorry: keep this ultra-reliable, easy-to-store extinguisher in your vehicle at all times. Sodium bicarbonate, dry-chemical system smothers flammable liquid and electronics fires. Pressure gauge enables at-a-glance charge-level checks. Corrosion- and impact resistant valve and trigger ensure smooth, hassle-free operation. Easy-pull safety pin prevents accidental discharges. Material(s): Aluminum Cylinder; Sodium Bicarbonate; Fire Class: B:Flammable Liquids/C:Live Elec.Equip.; UL Rating: 5-B:C; Charge Weight: 2 lbs.