2024 & 2025 Schedule


Every now and then it makes sense to refresh certain new employee orientation topics that were presented.  We understand that training facilitation may have been temporarily set aside during business operation budget realignments. 

We offer e-learning opportunities for all organizations big and small.  Each month we will post an e-learning subject.  Every subject will be presented in a virtual format, at the conclusion of the learning session, a self-assessment segment will follow.  The self-assessment will include 15-multiple choice questions and short answer questions. Upon successful completion, a certificate of completion will be sent to the attendee.    

E-course on-line offerings CLICK (standard courses) 

2024 and 2025 Course Descriptions

  • JUNE 2024 - PCI Compliance Audit: Required Compliance Policy for Retailers
  • JUNE 2024 - HITECH Basics: Electronic Data Storage-Are We Really Reducing Paper Records
  • JULY 2024- Developing and Monitoring: Remote Workers (Part 1)
  • AUGUST 2024 - Remote Worker Policy Development and Implementation (Part 2)
  • AUGUST 2024 - Basics: Business Continuity Plan Strategies/Disaster Recovery Cloud
  • SEPTEMBER 2024 - Record Management: All in a Cloud?  Is This a
  • OCTOBER 2024- Intellectual Property: How Much Data Access Do Employees Need?
  • OCTOBER 2024 - Big Data: How to Use What We Collect
  • NOVEMBER 2024 - BYOD Policy Assessment: The Use of Employee-owned Hardware.
  • NOVEMBER 2024 - Privacy:  Thing of the Past?  Why social media changes the way we think--Reputation.
  • DECEMBER 2024 - Project Management: Budget Planning
  • DECEMBER 2024 - HIPAA Electronic Records: Cloud Storage
  • JANUARY 2025 - Employee-Centered Management
  • JANUARY 2025 - WORKPLACE: Preparedness- Business Continuity 
  • JANUARY 2025 - HIPAA Compliance Self-Audit
  • JANUARY 2025 - WORKPLACE: Identifying Employee Burn Out (NEW)
  • JANUARY 2025 - Essentials for DIY Security and Compliance Audit Analysis, Part 1
  • FEBRUARY 2025 - Essentials for DIY Security and Compliance Audit Analysis, Part 2
  • FEBRUARY 2025 - HIPAA Compliance Assessment: Preparing for Compliance Audits
  • FEBRUARY 2025 - Security Overview:  Physical, Electronic, and Life Safety Budget Preparation
  • MARCH 2025 - WORKPLACE: Business Continuity Primer
  • MARCH  2025- HIPAA Compliance Assessment: Updating Policy and Procedures
  • MARCH 2025 - The Art of Negotiation: Work Group Influence Techniques
  • MARCH 2025 - Dealing with Difficult People: Recognize Stress Points
  • APRIL 2025 - Risk Management:  Workplace Culture
  • APRIL 2025 - Privacy: Thing of the Past?  Why social media changes the way we think- Transparency?
  • MAY 2025 - HIPAA Policy: Updating Employee Programs and Company Policies






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