About Us

We are a Colorado-based corporation.   Each of our protection professionals has over 25 years of integrated security, computer security,  training development, and policy compliance experience.  Our team members are dedicated to designing the best protection system services and programs for our commercial and residential clients.  Our team of service professionals assures that you, your loved ones, and employees are their number #1 focus with every call. To ensure that we achieve what we set out to do, we have established these guidelines and practices that allow us to work together in harmony:

  • CHARACTER ~ Integrity, competence, and dedication.
  • CUSTOMER CARE Community service. 
  • COLLABORATION  Leadership and teamwork. 
  • COMPETENCE ~ Value, quality, and innovation.

Forward your letter of interest to jobs@usasecuritynet.com


  Quintana Richards, CFO, at USA Security Net Inc.  

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best effective affordable protection solutions.  We are a versatile group:  security program developers and trainers, fraud investigators, asset recovery and loss prevention specialists, personal care providers,  surveillance system designers, fire alarm designers, certified protection professionals, a tenured core of system installers and technical support specialists, and experienced client care providers. By combining our talent, versatility, and professional dedication, our established and proven USA Security Net team of solution experts, will provide you with a complete seamless protection program for your business and home.  When it's time for a break from the ordinary, we are here, ready to serve you!