Cassida Tiger UV/MG currency counter

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Prod. Code: 1044-B-TGRUM

Powerful Performance in a Smart Design, The Cassida Tiger delivers commercial-grade performance and features in a sleek, ultra-compact design, Steel components are precision-engineered for accurate and reliable operation and a ground breaking one-piece steel chassis means years of dependable service, Fast and powerful, the Cassida Tiger is as impressive as its namesake, Professional features: The Tiger rivals many commercial-grade currency counters in performance and durability, From the first note to the last, the Tiger delivers fast, accurate, and reliable currency counting, Ruggedly built, The Tiger features a one-piece steel chassis and precision-manufactured steel roller bearings, making it more durable than other machines in its class, Intelligent operation, Advanced bill density recognition system eliminates false stops. Automatic and manual counting modes give users full control. An emergency stop feature allows you halt the operation of the machine at any time with a push of a
  • Counts 1,300 bills per minute. Hinged top cover for easy maintenance.
  • Authenticates bills using ultraviolet sensors (UV and UVMG models) and magnetic sensors (UVMG model only).
  • Infrared sensors detect chain, double, and half notes. Optional remote customer display.
  • Batch presets plus programmable 1-999. Maintenance kit and spare parts kit included (25 value).
  • Auto start and emergency stop features rival commercial grade counters.