Electric Bill Counter W/counterfeit Detection, 900-1400 Bills/min, Black/silver

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Prod. Code: RSIRBC4500

Value counting system totals the number of bills by denomination and grand total. This is a highly exclusive feature that allows the user to sit back and allow the bill counter to count the exact denomination of each type of bill. Secure protection from fake bills through ultraviolet and magnetic counterfeit detection. Variable speeds counts bills at 90, 1200 or 1400 bills per minute to help accommodate the user when handling different bill qualities and conditions. Large hopper holds up to 300 bills and front loading ensures faster counting. Can count and create batches of 1 to 999 bills for easy and accurate bill banding, transportation or storage. Bill counter is ideal for medium and large businesses with high-volume processing. Cash/Coin Counter Type: Cash Counter; Denomination: U.S. Currency; Bill/Coin Capacity: 300; Counting/Sorting Speed: 900-1,400 Bills/Min.