FAQ Card Access?  Sounds expensive!

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Card Access, sounds expensive, doesn't it!  Well, this electronic keying system is very affordable and saves money!  Our affordable electronic keying system reduces false alarms, manages entry/exit, and can be workable with any door type.  We offer a single door system on our shopping page.  This is an expandable system, no need for outside monitoring services!   Listed below is a random sample of our most frequently asked questions  (FAQ) about our card access systems, products and system installation processes.


What is Card Access?

A Card Access Systems is an electronic door locking method that allows you to manage entry/exit to your business or office facility.  Electronic magnets are installed either onto the top of the door frame (mag lock), or inside the door frame, utilizing your mechanical door lock devices, called "door strikes". A programmed card is presented to a "reader" that decodes the information in the card and either allows or denies entry.  No more hassling with keys!  Keyless entry to buildings, garages, kiosks, storage buildings, and more!

Sounds expensive. What's my average investment?

Card Access is quite affordable, paying for itself within 12 months of installation.  Your average investment on a single door expandable system is roughly $800 per door.  Look at the cost savings:

  • No need to have locksmiths rekey locks!
  • Lost cards are easy to replace, about $1.00 per replacement card.
  • Always know who's entered and exited your property!
  • No unwanted guests!
  • Simple software programming keeps you informed, provides alarm history information at right at your finger tips!
  • No need for system monitoring service!  Typical burglar alarm monthly monitoring service investment is $18-$40/month!

How can I get assistance with system design?

Easy, contact us at, 1-877-421-0280.  Our design team will visit your location, formulate our recommendations and provide you with an initial system design.

Do I need to change my existing door hardware?

In most cases you will not need to change your door hardware.  Our design and technical support staff will recommend the use of either electronic door strikes (usually installed in the door frame) or door mag locks, mounted above the door.  Recommendations may be made for door upgrades if the existing door, door frame, and or door hardware is in poor condition.