Live Classroom and Virtual Classroom Instruction


Keeping up with our ever-changing world is a monumental task; technological advances are introduced into our lives almost daily.  It is tough for the small business enterprise to keep up, making certain that all team members are provided the best in affordable supplemental training programs.  We have developed a few programs that provide a training "boost" to your organization. 

We offer classroom style training and virtual training sessions for the following areas:


  • Developing and Implementing Topic Specific Training Programs
  • Developing Work Teams
  • Workplace Security:  Safe Computer Use
  • Data/Record Management
  • Wellness:  CPR Certification and First Aid Courses


  • Compliance Review
  • Project Management (PMP certified)


  • Risk Management
  • Computer Security
  • IT Security:  Best Practices
  • Identity Theft Awareness
  • Record Storage
  • Internal Policy & Procedure
  • Employee Background Checks