COMMERCIAL INTRUSION ENGINEERED SYSTEMS GROUP      FAQ?  Card Access, Isn't as Expensive as it Sounds!   

  • CCTV (Closed Circuit Television Systems) --We offer an array of system configurations which combines:  intrusion, CCTV, and fire alarm, all in one system.. Not every configuration is the best fit for your business application.  Our CCTV designer will incorporate your business environment, assess your needs, and complete a system design configuration based on their findings.  Our design consultants have access to over 1,800 different security surveillance products.  They can assist you in engineering a system that best fits your world. 
  • Network Video Monitoring--Network video monitoring is a relatively new form of facility protection, referred to as, video verification.  We monitor select cameras from your facility.  As an example, we may provide video monitoring services for employee parking lots, delivery areas, or low traffic rear business entrances.  Our 24/7 watchful eye adds to the protection value that CCTV/Surveillance systems can provide.
  • Card Access Systems, Integrated Card Access Systems--Electronic locking sentry systems provide a simple way of controlling premise access.  The electronic door components are programmed via a door controller to allow or disallow access when a card or key FOB is presented to a card reader.  In most cases, the software is Windows based and can be loaded to a local PC.  Network (LAN) capabilities allow the union of off site locations all powered by the same system.  The sophistication of these designed products can also interface with some time and attendance software/payroll programs.  All alarm histories are recorded for historical reference.  
  •  Integrated Card Access Systems--These particular system designs can be tied-into our other products such as, monitoring services, intrusion and CCTV/Surveillance systems.  Most of these products are proprietary and may require additional software interface components.