FAQ?  Life Safety Systems


We have received numerous calls from our residential clients asking about fire alarm systems for their homes.  Our fire alarm design specialists have provided our group with fire alarm designs for residential applications.  Please forward your questions and comments to us.


What is a residential life safety system?

We use the phrase, 'life safety system' to refer to our residential fire alarm design.  We design fire alarm systems for residences as well as businesses.  Our special attention to residential fire alarm system, includes smoke detection in all bedrooms, heat detectors in bathrooms, furnace rooms, attics, basements, and garages.  In some cases, we add fire sprinkler systems to kitchens, and other areas of the home where wood burning fireplaces are located.  The audible devices are much louder than the devices that are most commonly used in homes.  These devices emit a loud audible alert, combined with a high candela strobe light to properly alert you of fire danger.  Most commercial establishments are required to have these types of devices, why not have the same type of service for your home? 

My house has smoke detectors. Can't we just use the one's that are in place?

We're glad to hear that you have some type of smoke detection in your home.  The loss of life, your home, and your priceless valuables, is a heart wrenching experience.  We would like to help reduce the likelihood of loss.  The devices we find in the home are either battery operated smoke detectors, or are detectors that are high voltage and have been wired-in when your home was constructed. 

  • Battery operated devices are stand alone units.  For proper notification, the batteries should be changed at minimum, once a year.  When these devices are activiated, the sound emitted from the alert device is not very loud.  These devices are not compatible with fire alarm systems and cannot be programmed to send a data signal over telco lines to a monitoring station.
  • The smoke detectors that were installed during the construction phase of your home, are high voltage stand alone smoke detectors and cannot be stepped down in voltage to work with our low voltage fire alarm systems.  Due to the inability to mingle high and low voltage devices, these high voltage devices cannot communicate with the fire alarm control panel, nor can they generate data signals to be communicated over a telco line for notification to a monitoring service center.  Though, in most cases the audible signal generated by these devices is adequate, the location of these devices are minimal, usually one device per floor. 

What is the average cost of a fire alarm system?

Your investment is based on the size of the property.  Our standard coverage for a 1,200 square foot home is roughly, $700.00 for the fire alarm system package.  Installation services are available, turnkey pricing beginning at $400; however, individual market and installation requirements will vary, depending on your location. One year warranty product and installation.

Is monitoring required?

We do not require monitoring; however, we recommend monitoring service for your additional protection.  A monitored fire system provides additional coverage when you are home or away from home.  This 24-hour service is a quiet sentry.  By utilizing your telco service, we can communicate trouble and alarm signals to an experienced central station operator.  Signals are then dispatched accordingly.  This invaluable service is rather inexpensive considering the benefits provided.  Average residential monitoring services start at, $18.95 per month, less than $.64 per day!  Wwe offer month-to-month service, no term contracts.

Will we save on our home owner's insurance with the addition of a home fire alarm system?

Most insurance providers do encourage the addition of a home fire alarm system.  The rebates they offer, help to offset system purchases.    Discounts vary, the usual scale is 5%-20%.  Contact your agent for specific discount information.  We have found that insurance providers also discount for burglar alarm systems.  Our fire alarm system can be integrated with a burglar alarm system.  Typical burglar alarm system integrations range from $100-$300, in addition to the residential fire alarm basic package.

Are user permits required?

In some cases, user permit or installation permits may be required.  Your NICET III design consultant will assist you in determining the requirements of your location.  E-mail your questions directly to our designers at: info@usasecuritynet.com

How do I know I've ordered enough devices? How do I know what I've added is compatible?

We've customized the basic packages for most applications. We've also provided a sample of one of our most recent system designs for your reference. Your system design teams will scrutinize your order to make sure you have selected the appropriate compatible devices that will work with  your intended system application.  If, however, your design specialists note a potential problem, or have a recommendation they will notify you prior to shipping.  Should you have questions or concerns, please contact our technical team via e-mail at:  info@usasecuritynet.com