CCTV Configuration

Standard Approach

  • This configuration utilizes a sequential switcher and burglar alarm devices.  The motion detectors activate the cameras and sound either an audible or silent alarm.  The sequential switcher device can be upgraded to a QUAD, Multiplexer (MUX), Digital Video Recorder (DVR), VCR time lapse or real time recorder.

    NOTE:  Covert cameras can be added to a simple layout, used as a back-up device protecting selected visual camera coverage.



Click here to view or download PDF wireless camera configuration up to 1500ft.


Internet Protocol (IP) camera system configurations provide affordable solutions for 24/7 surveillance requirements.  Just think of the numerous applications:

  • Monitor your residence
  • Rental property
  • Vacation home
  • Elder care
  • Business location(s)
  • Construction site
  • Day Care

Configurations provide camera coverage for both interior and exterior, with the flexibility of capturing activity with alarm activiation, you decide coverage time, 24/7, 8/7, etc.

IP Cameras provide a simple sleek elegant appearance small and acute housing, with many applications. Embedded web server, open SDK and high stability base on industrial level standard, make the network transmission more secure, fast and easy surveillance. It integrates sound and picture together, send the information to the remote client in real time. No need extra software, client view picture through standard network browser, such as Microsoft IE or Netscape.

If you would like to learn more about IP Network cameras, click here for a free IP Network Camera Booklet! 

USA Security Net suppliers provides a broad choice of high-performance CCTV components that are going to change the way you look at video.  Designed and engineered to meet exacting world-class standards.  We provide everything you need to assemble a powerful, integrated CCTV system-from:

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  • DVRs
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  • Covert Camera Packages
  • Digital Recorders
  • Internet Transmitters and Receivers
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